Adventures in the Lone Star State

Who’s Disputing What?

The other day, I was reading Fox News and noticed the tabs on my browser. The title of the article is “Group Disputes Obama’s Assertion That He Didn’t Raise Taxes.” However, IE seems to think they were disputing something else…

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One Week Later

I’m back…I’m so sure that many of you wondered what happened to me. Well, I have been on one week of maintenance post-HCG. Things have been going remarkably well. The first few days were a little nerve racking. I was scared that I would start picking up the weight as I added more calories into my diet. Fortunately, this has not been the case. In face, I have been losing weight. That’s right…losing weight. I probably had 1,000 or so calories the first two days off HCG and it’s been slowly increasing over time. I am trying to exercise 4 times a week (both cardio and strength training) and it’s gone well so far. It would be great to keep this up and lose a couple of more pounds; well, I’d like to translate whatever remaining fat I have into muscle. Anyway, right now I’m down 1.8 lbs from my final post-HCG weight. As long as I don’t go above my post-HCG weight, I’ll be happy. To those who are looking to lose a some weight, I say do it! You won’t regret it.

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Final day! Some may say that I’m throwing in the towel and calling it quits, but I expect to reach my goal of losing 10 lbs. in the morning. In all, it was an interesting adventure which has pleasantly surprised me. I will have lost 10 lbs after 11 days on the program. I felt fairly satisfied for most of the program. I’m not going to lie to you and say that I never felt hungry because there were definitely days/times when I was. However, I learned to discipline myself and tough it through. I also learned that I’m sick of having broccoli, cauliflower, and celery as my only non-meal snacks. I’m am anxiously awaiting to have some eggs, milk, cheese among other things. The diet plan has helped me loose plenty of excess fat and I do feel much better. I could probably lose a few more pounds, but I am now going to increase my exercising and get back into my routine. For those who are considering trying out the diet, feel free to contact me and I’d be willing to chat/email with you about it.

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VLCD 9 & 10

Ah, the weekend has come. With only a few more days left on vlcd, I’m more upbeat. I’m also probably accustomed to the strict regime and it’s bothering me less. Today (Friday), I went to Lucky Strike Lanes for the lunch and bowl special. Even though I’m on a low calorie diet, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I opted for the cheeseburger and asked that they cut out the delicious cheese. I only ate the beef, tomato, onion, and lettuce. Their patties are divine! It has an extremely good flavor to it. I really wished I could have eaten the whole pattie, but it was > 3 oz. As for bowling, I tied for first with a respectable 135.

Saturday brought a different set of adventures. We setoff early in the morning to visit the Forbidden Gardens in Katy. They’re closing to make room for the Grand Parkway. It was a pretty cold morning and there were very few people at the beginning. The site itself is kind of interesting. There’s a replica of the forbidden city and the terracotta warriors. It gave me a nice glimpse of what to expect when I go to China some day. For meals, I had chicken soup and crockpot steak. Both turned out to be excellent, although I put a little too much white pepper in my chicken soup. The last couple of days, my weight has stalled, so I haven’t lost more than 1/2 lb, but that’s OK. I think it’s my body saying that I’m reaching the end of my adventure. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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VLCD 7 & 8

As the days progress, I’m getting worse about updating my blog. This time I blame it on BlueHost and WordPress. All of a sudden, my blogs don’t upload photos. Not sure what happened there. Today, my server went down for some unknown reason. BlueHost said their techies were working on it, so it appears that one problem has been solved. Anyway, earlier this week I was thinking about how unrealistic expectations the HCG diet sets for people. I have been losing on average 0.9 lbs a day. One day, I found myself having crazy thoughts like I wish I could lose 2 lbs a day or even more! I should be grateful that I’m losing as much weight as I am.

The diet continues to go well for me. I have been very happy with my results. My face is noticeably thinner; I feel like I am losing fat in my legs, core, and chest. Everything is firmer. I am rapidly approaching my target weight and expect to finish my diet on Sunday. After that, I’m supposed to maintain the 500 calorie diet for two more days without the HCG drops. Then, I’m supposed to slowly transition back into normal eating. At the end of the day, I will have been on the program approximately two weeks (versus the 20 days). Diane tells me that I’m supposed to do it for the full 20 days, but I don’t want to drop too low.

Tonight, I exercised again.  I spent 25 minutes on the bike and then finished off with some core/lower back exercises. I try not to push myself too hard and cause my body to perspire. In the end, it feels to get some exercise in. Tomorrow night, I get to help somebody in my ward move. Looks like that will be my exercise.

Oh, for all the Houstonians out there, the Forbidden Gardens in Katy are closing on January 30th. You might want to check it out one last time before it disappears. The Grand Parkway is going right through the park and is forcing its closure. We’ll see how much we need a 3rd loop in Houston.

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Amazon Gift Card

In case you haven’t seen it, Living Social’s deal is $20 gift cards for only $10!

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VLCD Day 5 & 6

Sorry for not posting last night. I don’t know why I didn’t…oh yeah, that’s right, I’m addicted to this new game called Dominion. We called some friends up and played it for a couple of hours. We also played Robo Rally, which is a fun game — a little bit more confusing, though. Good news is that I continue to lose one pound a day. I’m nearly at my pre-Christmas weight!

A few friends from worked asked me today how things are going. For the most part, great. I am feeling well, don’t have any headaches or anything and have seen my waistline trim down. Today, there was this great luncheon at the Petroleum Club where I missed out on some delicious looking cake. Giving up sweets for this diet has not been fun. That’s OK, I’ll get them back soon. I did have to cheat a little bit a lunch because my boss was invited to the luncheon and it was a fixed meal that waiters brought to the table. So, I ate half my salad, some of which had salad dressing. Also, the beef was cooked in a light mushroom sauce, which I also ate. I left some of the meat on the plate because I think it was little more than 3 oz. I imagine the sauce had some butter/oil/fat in it. Oh well, I had to eat something. Fortunately, there were some steam vegetables on the plate as well. We’ll see if I pay for it in the morning.

I do enjoy eating what feels like more veggies & fruits than normal, which is good. I hope to continue that trend after this diet is over. Lastly, Diane and I went to the gym tonight. I rode the bike for a while on a low (level 3) pace. Turns out that I burned 1/5 my calories. I also worked out my abs and did some planks. I wonder if this will be to my detriment. Maybe my body will go into starvation mode. I sure hope not.

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VLCD – Day 4

Well, this morning I woke up to some weight loss, which was good. After only measuring a 0.3 lb. different between Friday and Saturday, I was hoping for something a little bit more meaningful. Fortunately, I was! Down another 1.5 lbs. Therefore, I am down 2.6 lbs. from my starting weight, which isn’t bad for 3 days. Anyway, a rate of 0.9 lbs. a day, I will likely be on the diet for a maximum of two more weeks, which means I’ll be scott free by February 1st. I wouldn’t be surprised if I stop after 10 days because my goal is to be 5 lbs less than my pre-Christmas weight. For lunch today, Diane and I had fajita-style lettuce wraps which consisted of lettuce, red pepper, onion, and steak. The meat was seasoned with cumin, Celtic sea salt, and garlic power. Most of the protocols talk about only having two veggies at each meal, but I’m not 100% concerned about that. One protocol says I can have unlimited amounts (within reason) of most green veggies, including red peppers and onions. Therefore, if I can have “unlimited” amounts, I don’t see the harm in a little lettuce, onion, and red pepper.

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VLCD – Day 3

Today, I worked in the temple, which meant an early morning. The shift itself was fine and I didn’t feel any hungrier than I normally do when I leave–which happened to be 1:20pm (7+ hours after we arrived). I definitely did miss my Panera Bread / 5 Guys routine today, but Diane said to keep on driving, so that’s what I did. For my super late (2:30pm) lunch — note, breakfast was at 5:15am — I had shrimp lettuce wraps, which were tasty, but a little less so than the steak ones. Then I indulged myself in a nice, long nap. After all, waking up at 4:30am warrants such actions. It was nice to have the afternoon off to just veg. Tonight, we went to a friend’s farewell party, so I had to eat dinner beforehand. It turns out that it was mostly sweets (brownies, chocolate chip bars, ice cream, etc.). Diane tells me the cookies were super yummy, which I’m sure they were.

Anyway, another friend of mine spent the last year losing 1 lb/week and successfully held to his regimen for the entire year. He lost 50+ lbs! That’s a lot of dedication because when you don’t see results fast, it’s easy to get impatient and quit. Well, overall, it was a pretty quiet Saturday. Sunday brings church and a game night with friends. I had to tell them no to dinner because of my crazy diet. Oh well, maybe next time.

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VLCD – Day 2

OK, two days down, ___ more to go. I really don’t know how long I will do this. I am currently planning on being done by the end of January or a few days into February. It really boils down to how much weight I lose. Two days of gorging put me up 3.1 lbs. However, I weighed myself this morning and I’m down 0.8 lbs from my starting weight (or 3.9 lbs from yesterday). Today hasn’t been so bad. I get hungry every now and then, but I’ve learned to manage it. I don’t take extra HCG drops like some have advised–the recommendation amounts very by protocol. Mine states 10 drops, 3 times/day. Others say 15 drops, 3 times/day. Anyway, the light hunger at times just reminds me that this is a challenge, but one that can be overcome.

Today for lunch, I tried Effortless Cream of Chicken soup. It was pretty good. Although, I don’t recommend using the soup setting on a Blendtec because it pulverized my chicken and celery. So, it was a pureed soup. Next time, I’ll blend everything but the chicken/celery. I don’t mind having crunchy celery. Anyway, the website has so many great ideas for HCG-appropriate recipes. One of the most difficult things about the diet is the limitations on food. Some people feel like they have to eat the same thing every day and this is totally not the case. The one thing that I think I’ll get tired of is the green vegetable-only snacks. Celery, broccoli, and cauliflower (OK–not green) are pretty bland after a while. I wish I could have carrots or corn. Anyway, tonight, I’m going to try steak lettuce wraps. It should be good! Oh yeah, I also love eating a tomato with my meals (lunch/dinner). I sliced it up and put some sea salt on it–deelish!

Tomorrow, I have to make it through a shift at the temple and a farewell party. Sunday night is game night, which means no cookies! And next week I have another catered luncheon with delicious food that I’ll have to skip. You might wonder, why start this week? I decided that it had to be now (and before family comes in February so I can eat out with them) because if I waited to have a week off from parties, luncheons, etc., I would never start this diet. There’s always something going on.

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