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I have grossly neglected this blog for some time now. I was discussing this with a friend and we both agreed that as one transitions from single life to married life, priorities change. I used to love blogging, but now I don’t really do it. I have tried to make a more concerted effort to write an online journal, which has been beneficial. Anyway, I intend to post one gospel-related message every Sunday. This week’s message come from Elder Bednar and is entitled Things as They Really Are. Check it out.

Source: LDS Youth

The message is very appropriate in today’s age. I have been out of the youth scene for some time now and I can imagine that these problems occur regularly. For example, last night before retiring for bed, I was on Facebook (for no good reason) and noticed a post by a teenager I know, “Just got out of the shower about to go to sleep :)” Really? Do we need to spend our time online telling people things like this?

October 23rd, 2011 at 3:17 pm

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