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Mormon Mustang

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This week’s video also comes from LDS Youth. It’s entitled Mormon Mustang and makes analogies between old war planes and youth and how it’s important to stay “within the envelope.” It’s true, bounds have been set and we should stay within those bounds to 1) not hurt ourselves or our body, 2) hurt others, and […]

PETA Cites 13th Ammendment to Protect Animals

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 What does one do? You want to appreciate the breadth and beauty of animals in this world, but doing so obviously results in animals being confined to small cages, pens, etc. Do we get rid of zoos and never experience the beauty of many creatures we would otherwise not see? Nevertheless, PETA’s lawsuit based […]

Weekly Sunday Posting

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I have grossly neglected this blog for some time now. I was discussing this with a friend and we both agreed that as one transitions from single life to married life, priorities change. I used to love blogging, but now I don’t really do it. I have tried to make a more concerted effort to […]