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The Origin of ‘Mladineo’

A few days ago, somebody commented on an old post about my surname, Mladineo. They told a wonderful story about how the Mladineos bravely fought off the Turks in defense of the Venitian Replubic and how the Mladineos were given the title of Duke/Duchess. Apparently, they originate from the isles of Vis and Brac.

Anyway, I was doing some searching online and stumbled upon a Wikipedia article that briefly talks about the history of Marco Polo and Croatia. It states that since the Croatians routinely worked on Italian ships, they altered their last names when in Italy and kept their Croatian name while at home. So Mladinich became Mladineo.

Henry S. Hart in his book, Venetian Adventurer: Marco Polo, states, “These merchants were Maffeo and Nicolo Polo, sons of one Marco Polo, a descendant of an old Dalmatian Family which had come from Sibenik, Dalmatia, and settled in Venice in the 11th Century.” Hart goes on to say, “The crews of the Venetian ships were freemen, so many of them Slavonians (Croatians) from the Dalmatian Coast that the long dock by St. Mark’s Square was and is known as the Riva degli Schiavoni (Slavonian-Croatian).” Marko Polo was the greatest explorer of all time. More significant than Columbus, he opened to Europe all of Asia, including China, which in turn prompted the discovery of America. Marco Polo had a home on the Island of Korcula in Dalmatia, then a shipbuilding and merchant center of Dalmatia. The merchant and the noble class in Dalmatia did use two names, one Latin-Italian as citizens of Venice and their own Croatian name in their own circles. Bogdanich became Bogdaneo, Mladinich-Mladineo, Arnerich-Arneri and Glavinich-Capogrosso. Some simply used the Latin-Italian meaning of their name, such as Cvietkovich-Florio, Lupis-Vukasinovich or Polo-Pilich. (emphasis added)

March 30th, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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  1. Paul Mladineo Says:


    Below is a link to a website that provides a fairly well detailed history of the Mladinic/Mladineo family (there is no “h” in Mladinic) and its first Mladineo, Juraj (George). The family’s crest is visible throughout the story as well.

    The site is in Italian, but you can use Google to translate it.


    Paul Mladineo

  2. Nicolette Jackson-Brown Says:

    Hi Paul,
    Cool that your post came up when I googled Mladineo! I google the name every now and then to see what shows up. I am descended from Mladineos and it may have been my post on Facebook that you found or my Great Uncle’s post in Italian on the web. I think the FB page no longer shows due to inactivity.
    Anyway, nice to connect.
    Nicki Jackson-Brown

  3. Nicolette Jackson-Brown Says:

    Hi Again, Paul. I just checked out your link. Yes, Dr. Eddie Milost Della Gracia who wrote this article is my Great Uncle. Are you related to Eddie? If so, we are from the same line of Mladineos from the Island of Vis.

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