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VLCD – Day 4

Well, this morning I woke up to some weight loss, which was good. After only measuring a 0.3 lb. different between Friday and Saturday, I was hoping for something a little bit more meaningful. Fortunately, I was! Down another 1.5 lbs. Therefore, I am down 2.6 lbs. from my starting weight, which isn’t bad for 3 days. Anyway, a rate of 0.9 lbs. a day, I will likely be on the diet for a maximum of two more weeks, which means I’ll be scott free by February 1st. I wouldn’t be surprised if I stop after 10 days because my goal is to be 5 lbs less than my pre-Christmas weight. For lunch today, Diane and I had fajita-style lettuce wraps which consisted of lettuce, red pepper, onion, and steak. The meat was seasoned with cumin, Celtic sea salt, and garlic power. Most of the protocols talk about only having two veggies at each meal, but I’m not 100% concerned about that. One protocol says I can have unlimited amounts (within reason) of most green veggies, including red peppers and onions. Therefore, if I can have “unlimited” amounts, I don’t see the harm in a little lettuce, onion, and red pepper.

January 16th, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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