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A few of you know that I have recently become involved with a new business venture called FamilyIQ. It has been in existence for nearly a decade and has been highly successful. Mark Hobbins, CEO and Founder of FamilyIQ–also a good, personal friend of 18 years, has decided that he wants his business to grow even larger than it already is. Therefore, he is changing his business model to a highly scalable network marketing program.

Mark Hobbins

Currently, the program is in pre-launch stage and is looking for individuals to become part of its exclusive Founder’s Pool. You’ll be provided with an amazing opportunity to be one of the first people in this network marketing company with the potential to reap large rewards. In addition, you’ll be able to help people improve their family relationships.

To learn more, please visit our exciting business at

June 17th, 2010 at 6:59 pm

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