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Hondo Platform

Work has been busy recently. I have been on the road for a few weeks and have a couple more weeks to go. I am currently staying offshore on a platform and things have been interesting so far. Two years ago, if you asked me if I’d ever visit an oil platform, I would have responded, “Yeah, right…”

The idea of building structures several miles offshore is kinda exciting. 

Platforms are fairly tall; my office sits a couple of hundred feet above sea level. If you tried jumping off the side, you probably wouldn’t survive the fall–if you did, you’d be pretty beat up. I have a great view of the Santa Barbara coastline. I didn’t realize that seals love oil platforms. Due to the fluctuations in the tides, seals will make their way onto the bottom-level pipes and landings. They just hang out there for hours. Tonight, I probably saw a couple dozen or so.

November 1st, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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  1. Kevin Tame Says:

    Crazy. Can I come visit?

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