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LA is More Messed Up Than I Thought

I’m a bit slow on reporting this (the bill passed in 2007), but it still needs to be made known. I just received a letter in the mail about it from a pro-family group, in case you’re wondering how I found out.

It is Senate Bill 777, a.k.a., the pro-“you pick your gender” bill. Essentially, pro-LGBT groups have argued that it is not politically correct for a boy to be called a boy or for a girl to be called a girl. If a boy feels like he’s a girl, he has the “right” to be called a girl and vice-versa. It tries to remove gender from California public school policy. Seriously, Los Angeles and California are way more screwed up than I remember growing up there. It’s full wackos with these crazy notions.

Read the full bill for more information.

January 10th, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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