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Beware of Techies

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Yesterday, Information Week reported that a Fannie Mae contractor was indicted for writing a logic bomb that would have wiped 4,000 servers had it not been caught by another employee. Feel free to read the entire story; the one part that really interested me is the following: “Makwana had been terminated as a Fannie Mae contractor […]

Where’s the Advanced Notice?

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This afternoon, I tried logging into Facebook and I received the following error message. Normally, when large sites are scheduled to go down for maintenance, they inform their users. I’m not sure what happened here.

LA is More Messed Up Than I Thought

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I’m a bit slow on reporting this (the bill passed in 2007), but it still needs to be made known. I just received a letter in the mail about it from a pro-family group, in case you’re wondering how I found out. It is Senate Bill 777, a.k.a., the pro-“you pick your gender” bill. Essentially, […]