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Vote Yes on Prop 8

If you haven’t already heard about Prop 8 in California, then you need to. The California Supreme Court overturned a Prop 22 which stated that marriage is between a man and a woman. Anyway, the people of California were infuriated that the Supreme Court overturned this person-backed legislature, so this time they’re going to the polls to ammend this statement into the CA constitution.

And before you say it, this is not anti-gay rights. It is PRO-marriage. Seriously. That’s all it is. People would have you believe otherwise, but that’s because they have their own agenda. Since I no longer live in CA, I can’t vote for it, but I have been financially supporting it. I encourage all my readers and visitors to do the same.

A few weeks ago, I read that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to run for a third term (even though it’s not allowed). According to this MSNBC article:

Norman Siegel, a well-known civil liberties lawyer, said Wednesday that he has received calls from several people urging him to file a lawsuit to block the move, including one political candidate whose campaign plans would be disrupted by such a move.

“The legal question is, can you undo a public referendum by legislative fiat?” Siegel said, promising “a hard look” at a legal challenge.

In the case of prop 22, this is what happened. We cannot let it happen again. Please donate TODAY and support Prop 8.

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October 21st, 2008 at 6:02 pm

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