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Leave Bristol Alone

I have never considered myself a politically active person. I have rarely taken interest in what politicians say because many of them do not live up to the promises they make. However, it irks me that politicians, news journalists, and the like take time to bring a 17-year-old’s mistake and broadcast it around the world. Bristol is not the one running for VP. It is her mother. All children should be left out of politics. It’s completely unfair and wrong to go after them. One last thing, where were these people when Bill Clinton lied to the American people and said that he didn’t have an affair? If Bristol’s mistake calls into question Palin’s ability to lead, what about Bill’s ability to lead? Democrats weren’t screaming “resignation” when his dirty laundry came to light.

September 3rd, 2008 at 5:12 pm

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  1. Conan Says:

    I completely agree. Despite my dislike of Obama as a candidate, I was impressed he said the same thing you are. The media asked him about Palin’s daughter, and he told them to leave her out of it.

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