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McCain’s New ad

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Counting Cars

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OK, politics continues to get more ridiculous. I was reading the CNN Political Ticker and it talks about how Democrats are freaking out because McCain said that he buys all American cars when in reality, he has two foreign made cars–out of THIRTEEN! Did you catch that? McCain has 13 cars (doesn’t really matter to […]

Blackberry Proficiency = POTUS Qualification

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Since when did the job of POTUS include the requirement to use a blackberry? This CNN article is quite entertaining to read, faintly suggesting that Obama is more in touch w/ society since “He is a BlackBerry fiend, has a laptop on the road and sometimes uses it to talk to his daughters … and […]

SNL’s Palin/Clinton Parody

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Celebrity Status

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Having some extra time tonight, I was watching old video clips on I was a bit irked when Joy Behar, co-host of The View, said “I’ve never seen so much attention paid to one individual politician in my entire life on the planet.” Um, hello? What do you call the all of the attention […]

Web-controlled lock

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According to, Schlage has developed an online lock system. Essentially, you have a lock that can be opened via a standard key or a password, which can be entered remotely. Wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s say you forget your keys, your spouse could open the door from his/her phone/computer.

Leave Bristol Alone

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I have never considered myself a politically active person. I have rarely taken interest in what politicians say because many of them do not live up to the promises they make. However, it irks me that politicians, news journalists, and the like take time to bring a 17-year-old’s mistake and broadcast it around the world. […]