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Happy Easter

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I admit that Easter has never been a holiday that I have been super excited about. I feel kinda bad since it’s generally considered the most important religious holiday in Christianity. As a child, I loved having Easter Egg hunts and snacking on my 1 lb. solid chocolate easter bunny. However, I never really got […]

URL Rewriting

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I know that I rarely write about web analytics on my personal blog. However, I did come across this today. It’s very nice for those of use who already have websites with dynamic URLs (like my wedding website). Right now, this site is set up with a simple GET query (e.g., With this Dynamic […]

Amazing Soccer

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I wish I played soccer like these Brazilian boys.

Handling Dangerous Situations

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My comment has to do with the video found at on CNN VIdeo (Texas High Speed Chase). The video had no dialog (from what I gathered–just the hum of the helicopter) so it was hard to figure out what was going on. Anyway, at the end, the man frantically tries to get out of the […]

The Gamble of Reselling

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This is a follow-up to a fairly old post on reselling. I just sold my Toshiba HD-A3 player on eBay. If you haven’t heard, Toshiba announced (about a month ago) that it will be discontinuing the entire HD-DVD product line. So, pretty much, my HD-A3 became extinct overnight. I was fortunate enough to get a […]

Online Confessions

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I was a bit surprised to learn the other day that it is possible to “confess” online. Now, I must say that I do not know much about confessions in other Churches, but I think that confessing online is a bit silly. It’s one thing to go into a Church and confess to a priest […]

BYU’s Unofficial Spring Break Party

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Since BYU doesn’t have spring break, they decided to throw an “Unofficial Spring Break Party” in the WSC Ballroom on Friday evening. You were supposed to dress up in a touristy outfit (totally missed that memo) and spend the evening dancing, walking around the various booths, etc. As Diane and I arrived, we ran into […]

iPod, iPhone, iPod Shuffle

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What do these three things have in common? Yes, they’re all made by Apple (I’m not that dumb). But what else do they have in common? If you know me, then you might already know what I’m hinting at: they’re all items that I have won at various raffles at BYU. It’s true! I just […]

Creator of Dungeons & Dragons Dies

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So, here’s the nerdy side of me coming out. Nonetheless, I loved playing Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. It was during the days of the glorious NES and it gave me a chance to explore the creatives caverns of my mind. It’s too bad to hear that Ernest Gygax died at the young age […]

One Step Closer to Graduating

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Today has been crazy. I had to finished writing a Spanish literature paper (which was poorly written), I had a phone interview, went to class, and most importantly, I got a class substituted for my Computer Science minor. I still have to write a 5-10 page paper, complete a midterm, and prepare my presentation for […]