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Custom AJAX Loading GIFs

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So, I was working on an RSVP function for my wedding website and I needed to find a loading GIF that blended with my web site. After a simple Google search, I found two websites that are awesome! My favorite is because when you select the indicator type, it gives you an image rather […]

What Happened to All the Nice Guys?

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The other week, I was reading my friend’s note on Facebook and she referred me to a story on Craigslist. I was intrigued because I had never seen anybody write a story on Craigslist and I also thought the story was funny. I am pasting it below (edited for language). In case you’re wondering, I’m […]

Today Was a Sad Day

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Today was a sad day. I had to part with my Treo 700wx. It isn’t so much the phone that I am going to miss, but what is on the phone. I had several hundred text messages (mostly from Diane) that I could not get off the phone. I tried syncing the device; I tried […]

Funny Video

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A buddy of mine showed me this hilarious video clip from Blueprint Ventures. Pretty much, Gary Snoman mocks entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, etc. Check it out. If you cannot view the video, please go to Blueprint Ventures directly.