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Minister a Hero? I Think Not

OK, so two minister stories in one day. I actually came across this one first, but I couldn’t remember the link. It’s also a lot less fun and positive than the previous post. Anyway, here’s the gist of this CNN story.

  • At age 16, he robs a convenience store and stabs the clerk with a knife
  • 14 years later, he confesses to police
  • Congregation now praises minister for being a role model

A role model? The man killed an innocent person. I know that the Bible teaches that we must forgive, but I’m flabbergasted to think that people would call this man a role model.


  • “He’s a hero, really,” said Kelley Graham, 24. “I don’t know how many people would do what he did. The Bible says you just need to confess to God. Calvin took an extra step.”
  • “To lock him away someplace and say he owes it to society is robbing the next generation of a mentor.”
  • “I am thrilled my son has a role model to accept responsibility the way Calvin has”

This is a bit ludicrous. The man still owes a debt to society and especially the family of the victim. To call him a role model for children is unreal. It may be considered laudable that he did come and confess his crime, but that doesn’t automatically forgive him of what he did. Justice must be served.

February 19th, 2008 at 6:41 pm

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