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All Meat Tastes Like Chicken

I received this from my sister-in-law:


I can’t claim this NYC story for myself but it is one of my favorites. Natasha & Curtis can correct me if I get the details wrong. Our good friend Curtis was out for his morning run in a nearby park. Not many people were in the park but he did notice two men looking suspicious so Curtis circled the park a few times keeping an eye on them. They were surrounded by lots of pigeons which they were feeding. Then he noticed a box propped up with a stick and rope tied to it. As he circled the park again, he noticed these two men were actually catching the pigeons in their trap. They would catch a couple pigeons, wring their necks, and shoved them into a bag. Of course his curiosity was now piqued so he followed the men from a distance. Unfortunately, they entered a chinese restaurant bag in hand, straight for the kitchen. Guess they were all out of chicken. This restaurant is no longer in business. True Story.

February 11th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

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  1. D’s Nuts!! Says:

    Pigeon is a very common and tasty dish in China that I’ve eaten on a number of occasions. Pigeons are also 1 of only 3 birds not protected in North America from hunting, etc. So technically, these guys could serve pigeon, as long as that is what they claimed to be serving :) Of course, it also has to come from an approved FDA supplier, etc.. Too Funny.


  2. Fernando Says:


    Glad to know that you can vouch for those who have eaten pigeon. I’m also glad to see that you’re reading my blog. :)

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