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Wedding Website Up and Running

Being a techie, I couldn’t really imagine paying somebody to make me a wedding website. It would be like asking a mechanic to take his car to somebody else’s shop to get the oil changed. Anyway, this past weekend, I decided that it was time to create my wedding website. You can find it and I hope you like it. If there’s something that’s out of whack, please let me know.

The code itself is pretty simple. About 100 lines to create the home.php page, 100 lines of javascript (mostly for Google Maps stuff), and a stylesheet. The prototype was built in a matter of hours. I spent a few more learning about Google Maps and its API (which was–and still is–very fun and exciting). Then there were the minor design tweaks. Anyway, I now present it to the world for all to see.

January 24th, 2008 at 11:26 am

3 Responses to “Wedding Website Up and Running”

  1. dana Says:

    Excellent website. I love the colors and the layout and the stuff you guys wrote. I guess my only criticism is that I’d love to see more pictures of both of you. Maybe there could be a “gallery” section? I guess I’m just curious to see more pics of your cute bride-to-be…or some pics of the two of you doing fun stuff.

  2. Fernando Says:

    Yeah, I think I’ll eventually get that setup. I could use a pre-built gallery, but then it wouldn’t blend into the website. So, I’ll probably end up writing it myself over the weekend (or next week).

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Elise Says:

    Yeah, do a photo gallery!

    Website looks good. We are excited for you guys!

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