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The Hot Chocolate Nightmare

It is about time that I tell the story, a story about hot chocolate. It all began in November. Brooke and I were devising ways to get rid of all the swag that HP sent us. They seriously sent us hundreds of Frisbees, Post-It notes, etc. We had already setup a booth in the Wilkinson Center and given away a lot of swag and talked to a lot of people about HP and Microsoft.

A few weeks came and went and the time came for the next big marketing activity. Brooke ordered four 5-gallon containers of hot chocolate. We were to setup two outposts: one at the bottom of the hill and the second in front of Tanner building. Early on the morning of December 5th, Brooke and I met at the bottom of the hill. I helped her setup and then I proceeded to drive her Jeep up to the Tanner building to setup myself.

While driving by the RB, I was happily cruising through the parking without a care in the world. There was one truck in front of me. It was on the right-hand side of the parking lot and I was more on the left-hand side. Then suddenly, the truck decided to make a wide left turn into a parking spot. It did so in front of me, not giving me much time to react. In my shortsightedness, I hit the brakes somewhat hard. I totally forgot that I had hot chocolate canisters in the back.

The moment I hit the brakes, the hot chocolate flew forward with one lid popping right off. Burning hot chocolate spilled everywhere! I immediately stopped to assess the damage. Both canisters were tipped over, but only one had burst open. I quickly grabbed it and in the process burned the tips of my fingers on the scalding chocolate. After getting back in the car, I noticed that the stereo was no longer working! The hot chocolate had short-circuited the amp. Anyway, with hot chocolate all over the Jeep and a broken stereo, I proceeded to setup for my event.

The event went well. People love free hot chocolate on a cold morning. I was also able to give away swag and talk to people briefly about HP and Microsoft. After the event ended, I was supposed to head off to class for a debate. I never made it to the debate. I tried to assess the damage as much as possible and used lots of paper towels to soak up as much hot chocolate as possible. I then proceeded to pick up Brooke and her friend. I told her my tale. She had to go to class, so I dropped her off and then proceeded to spend the next couple of hours cleaning her SUV.

I soaked several hot rags and absorbed a lot of hot chocolate. I repeated the process a few times, but I still had not solved my problem. I had to go to Diane’s school and get my teeth cleaned. Now that I had squeaky clean teeth, I came back to my smelly problem. I drove to the one car wash place that I knew shampooed carpets. I hoped that they were going to be able solve my problem. It took them about an hour to clean my car. I drove home happily, thinking that my problem was solved.

When I got home, I noticed that there was still hot chocolate in the car. In fact, the passenger seat had a great, big pool of hot chocolate. I drove back to the place, showed them to mess; they cleaned it up and I headed off for home again. What do you think happened? That’s right; there was another puddle of hot chocolate! I began to investigate the problem even further. I realized there was lots of hot chocolate under the passenger seat.

Realizing that my quest to clean the car was futile, I called Brooke and updated her on the bad news. The Jeep still smelled like hot chocolate and the stereo was broken (at best, only the amp). I told her that I still needed the Jeep to check out the stereo. I have a friend that works at Circuit City. He checked out the car and said that it should only be a bad amp. He gave me a few options: 1) Call the Jeep dealership and pay hundreds of dollars; 2) Buy a new head unit and rewire the car; or 3) Find an amp on eBay and pray that it works. I decided to try option 3 first (after all, I’m poor).

Fortunately, the cosmos smiled upon me and I found two amps on sale on eBay. I bid on one and I was lucky enough to buy it the following day! The next step was waiting for the amp, which took about one week.

Finally, we’re up to present day. The amp arrived a few days ago and I finally had time to get it installed (I was a bit preoccupied this past weekend). When I hopped in the car, I noticed that there was still hot chocolate in the car. I decided to first go visit Dave and see if the amp solved my problem. It did! I was so happy! Although, I was a bit put off by the mold that was growing around the amp (the carpet didn’t have time to dry).

I found a shop-vac, dried the passenger seat and headed home. I then proceeded to clean the mold from the SUV. After some time, everything was back to normal. The Jeep was cleaned, the stereo worked, and I was free of my burden! I had paid my dues and was free of this dreadful responsibility. Yay!

If you’re still reading this, then you are probably sick of me writing. Thanks for being a good sport and listening. 😀

December 20th, 2007 at 12:08 am

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