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My Amazing Home Teachee

Since Diane has left me, I have had some free time to hang out with old friends. Having completed my finals this afternoon, I am as free as a bird. Sadly, most of my friends in my current complex (which aren’t many since I spend all my time with Diane) still have finals, I called up my old home teachee. She’s working full-time, so I knew that she would probably be home. Anyway, I was over at her place, catching up on the times when her roommate broke a friend’s vacuum cleaner.

Since the vacuum wasn’t cooperating, the girls decided to figure out what was wrong. After dumping out the container (there’s no bag in this vacuum), they noticed was wads of long hair wrap around the thingy that rotates (yes, that’s the official name for that piece). There was enough hair to make a wig—and it was very colorful. Unfortunately, the problem was still not solved. So, my amazing home teachee takes a screw driver, removes the cover and proceeds to fix the vacuum cleaner. The belts had gotten loose and thus weren’t causing the “thingy” to turn. After about 20 minutes, the vacuum was back together and working like a champ.

December 18th, 2007 at 11:49 pm

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  1. Diane Says:

    this is crazy, the same exact thing just happened to me as I was cleaning my room. The vacuum started smoking so I turned it over and the whole beater bar was covered in hair. It is amazing how much hair can be found in a girls apartment. Quite a disgusting task I must say.

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