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The Joys of Christmas

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While traditions may not abound in my family, there are several moments that I have come to appreciate over the years. As I visited my grandmother on Christmas Eve day, I regained my appreciation regarding the fragility of life; so many of us go about our days without too many cares in the world. During […]

Popping the Question

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It’s about time that I let the world know that I officially got engaged. The past week or so has been extremely busy (not to mention the rest of December). Some of you have asked why I have not brought such an important matter up until now. Well, I wanted to make sure that my […]

SoCal Stories

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It has been a busy month. I have only been home for four days, but it feels like it’s been longer. Sadly, I will be leaving the family in a few days. However, not all is lost; I will be spending the rest of my vacation with Diane and her family. I’m looking forward to […]

Early Morning Weirdness

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Today, I experienced something that I have never seen before. I seated myself in seat C (row 4). I sat there patiently waiting for the plane to fill with passengers. Soon after I sat down, a lady with her newborn asked if she could take the window seat. In case you’re thinking that she (or […]

The Hot Chocolate Nightmare

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It is about time that I tell the story, a story about hot chocolate. It all began in November. Brooke and I were devising ways to get rid of all the swag that HP sent us. They seriously sent us hundreds of Frisbees, Post-It notes, etc. We had already setup a booth in the Wilkinson […]

Time to Spare

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Today, I took my last final of the semester. I am pleased to say that it only took me 35 minutes. I love taking exams in a short amount of time. For whatever reason, it makes me feel great, especially since I know that staying at the testing center any longer wouldn’t benefit me at […]

My Amazing Home Teachee

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Since Diane has left me, I have had some free time to hang out with old friends. Having completed my finals this afternoon, I am as free as a bird. Sadly, most of my friends in my current complex (which aren’t many since I spend all my time with Diane) still have finals, I called […]

The Next Wave of Proselytizing

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So, I was on Facebook today reading the news feed and I came across this group that I think is a bit peculiar. All I can say is what is this world coming to? I didn’t research the nature of this group much further, but I present it to you to decide.

BYU Network Issues

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I can’t tell you the exact minute, but at approximately 10:50am MST, Google and all of its subsidiaries were unavailable at BYU (or maybe just my work computer). I just logged onto Google Talk from my Blackberry. I would jump on and write this up right now, but I can’t access the site. It […]

The Progression of Surfing the Net

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I came into work today all ready to work on an internal web app that I’m building. I have yet to make meaningful progress today because of a number of distractions. First, I had to help Michele move six boxes of wrapped fudge to the 7th floor. After that, I got to my desk and […]