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OK, so I’ve been playing (at least attempting, at times) Scrabble on Facebook (it’s called Scrabulous) for the past two weeks or so. Anyway, it’s kinda fun, if moves are made every few hours. Otherwise, the game gets pretty slow and I lose interest. The point of this post is to inform you of the “challenge” game that you can play. Basically, you can put down any combination of letters and it’s legit so long as the other player(s) doesn’t challenge you. If you do get challenged and the word is indeed invalid, you lose your turn. Well, my friend Michele hasn’t read the rules (they’re available on the board as you play the game), so she thinks I’m totally making up words (which I definitely am) and therefore cheating. If she would only read the rules…

zyruqurj is too a word!

P.S. I played the same trick on Diane, but she wasn’t too happy about the fact that I had 70 points on the first play and was going to refuse to play, so I let her in on the “secret.” Needless to say, I lost my first turn of play and now will struggle to catch up.

November 1st, 2007 at 12:28 pm

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