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Funny Thought for the Day

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I was reading BYU’s Daily Universe as usual and I happened upon a funny quote on the front page. In one of the marriage articles, it says, “And even if you’re not [motivated to get married], it’s everywhere around you, so the peer pressure is there.” Well, there you have it. Because I see people […]

A Weekend with Family

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I’ve been spending the last few days in Houston and it has been quite enjoyable. It’s not often that I get to spend time with the family, especially extended family. Most importantly, I got to see my baby niece, Sophia. She’s adorable. It’s so much fun to hold her in my arms. I came to […]

I’m Sorry, We’re Closed

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I was going to visit Circuit City Online this morning, but I was greeted with a simple notice telling me that the store was closed. It’s funny, with the advent of the Internet, you would think that stores are open 24/7, but I guess this is not true. Oh well, maybe only in heaven will […]

Laptop Woes

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Update (6 Nov)So, I thought I was close to fixing my laptop. I installed Acronis TrueImage 7.0 on the fresh install of Windows XP Pro. I tried recovering my image (saved on an external hard drive), but Acronis could not recognize my SATA hard drive. Seriously, I’ve begun to hate this hard drive. Needless to […]

Why Does It Smell?

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So, I walked upstairs to the 5th floor restroom to wash my hands. Without fail, as I open the first of two doors, I get a nasty whiff of noxious odors coming from the men’s bathroom. I ask myself, “The bathroom has an automatic air freshener. So, why does this bathroom always smell?” Please tell […]


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Update: I took back the HD-DVD player and bought the next revision up (came with 2 movies). So, I have recently gotten back into reselling on Craigslist and eBay. It’s something that I try and do every now and then. Last winter, I was successful at reselling Nintendo Wiis. I made enough profit to pay […]

What If This Were True?

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Did you ever wonder why websites went down? Now we know.

BYU’s Police Beat

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You can’t beat BYU’s Police Beat. Seriously, what other university has such hilarious incidents? Here’s a few from today’s paper:

Read the Rules

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OK, so I’ve been playing (at least attempting, at times) Scrabble on Facebook (it’s called Scrabulous) for the past two weeks or so. Anyway, it’s kinda fun, if moves are made every few hours. Otherwise, the game gets pretty slow and I lose interest. The point of this post is to inform you of the […]