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Facebook Notifications

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I had to take a picture of this because it’s the last time that I’m ever going to see this. Since I was in a grumpy mood last night, Diane decided to give me some wall love.

Pumpkin Stealing Update

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OK, so in the end, it seems that my apartment was one-up’d by some other guys in the ward. It turns out that we only had 9 pumpkins because three of them were stolen from one of our paint buckets a few days ago (by these same guys). I’ll post some pics in a few […]

Moment of Freedom

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So, my roommate and some friends have decided to leave the world of Facebook for blogging. As described by their Facebook group: “On Monday, November 5th at 6pm we are going to deactivate our Facebook accounts. We are leaving the increasingly silly world of “Facebook” and are entering the world of Blogging; a place free […]

Pumpkin Stealing

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About a week ago, my ward decided to implement an activity where each condo received a small pumpkin. The goal was to accumulate (i.e., steal) as many pumpkins as possible. You could hide it anywhere on the main floor of you condo, but not in bedrooms (some condos are only one story, unlike my condo). […]


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OK, so I went to Washington about two months ago. It was my second trip there (the first being this past May) and I must say that I had an enjoyable time. After giving Diane a tour of Southern California, it was her turn to convince me that Washington was the place to be. I’ll […]

Dusting off the Page

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It’s been so long since I’ve last written a post that I had to go back to my blog to see what was on it. Sad day. Over the course of the next few days, I will try and do my best to update my blog with the latest and greatest from my life. Suffice […]