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Rocky Mountains to SoCal Sun

Chris’s wedding was exciting and it was great to meet up with John-Evan, Adam, and Carla. I hadn’t seen all of them in a long time (especially Carla—the last time was in April 2006 when she graduated). The ceremony was nice and afterwards we took some pictures outside the temple. The weather was kinda interesting. The weatherman called for thunderstorms and he was pretty on the dot because before we got to the temple, it was pouring! Fortunately, God smiled upon Chris & Ashley and permitted the sun to peak through the clouds for about an hour after the ceremony. We snapped a few pictures and then it started to rain again. Not wanting to cruise around in the PT Cruise anymore, Adam drove us in his rental (a Chevy Monte Carlo) to Costco where we enjoyed a hot dog, churro, and berry shake. We rejoined the wedding party at the country club and danced the night away.

The following morning J-E and I headed to the airport. It was a nightmare. Frontier was backed up and it took forever for me to check my luggage. I had to cheat the system because I knew my luggage weighed too much. My larger piece of luggage weighed close to 59 lbs. (that’s 9 lbs. overweight for those of you who haven’t flown recently). It was hilarious because I was lifting up the piece of luggage while she checked the weight and it was going back and forth between 49.5 and 50.0 lbs. Fortunately, I threw some things away from my other piece of luggage (because it was overweight too) and it came in at exactly 50 lbs. I was happy that I didn’t have to pay the extra money to get my luggage home (I already spent money shipping a large box home and I didn’t want to pay anymore). The guy at Newark didn’t even care that both my bags were overweight.

Anyway, after waiting forever to check in my bags, I made my way down to security and was astonished to see how long the line was. I first thought that it was only like 20 minutes long (I saw people snaking back and forth for a little bit), but I soon realized that the line wrapped around the whole terminal. It was seriously ¼ mile long! I eventually made it onto my plane and I was sad to go back to my normal life in coach. I had a small seat with two people to my right. It was a short flight, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

By early afternoon on Saturday, I was back in the promised land—sunny Southern California!

August 19th, 2007 at 2:39 pm

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  1. SarahLee Says:

    glad you got to go to the wedding AND see miss Carla! I miss all of you guys/girls! Do you ever hear from Kelsey Hansen?? (I know she’s married now but have no idea how to reach her.)

  2. Fernando Says:

    I never did hear from Kelsey Hansen. I’d contact Carla (on Facebook) and see where she’s at.

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