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California, Coronado, Color

After a fun-filled day in Los Angeles, it was time to head south to another SoCal jewel: San Diego. It started with a drive on PCH towards La Jolla. The weather was cooperative (it was a little cool as we left the house, but the forecast reported sunny skies after noon. La Jolla Cove was nice, there were plenty of people walking around, enjoying the good weather. We stopped in a number of art galleries and had some Häagen-Dazs smoothies. After enjoying a nice little nap on a grassy lawn by the sea, we headed down to Coronado.

I had never been to Coronado and people kept telling me that I had to go there, so I figured, why not? Diane’s never been, I’ve never been, mom’s convertible has never been. Frankly, the only tidbits of info that I had on Coronado were: 1) it was reportedly a nice island located off the coast of San Diego; 2) it had a really nice, old, wooden hotel; and 3) you could take a ferry or drive on a really tall bridge to get there.

What’s funny about this is that I didn’t really know how to get to the hotel. I just imagined that I’d find the bridge to the island (that was easy) and that somehow I’d be guided to the hotel. Fortunately for me, I was correct. Mom’s little car turned out to be great because it’s so small and easy to park. I literally found the smallest spaces and was able to squeeze in.

The hotel was pretty cool; I liked the old-school elevator and décor. The courtyard was nice and I liked how each room had a small patio/balcony. I’ll have to stay here one day.

By now, it was early afternoon and I didn’t know what else to do. I thought about Sea World or the zoo, but I didn’t want to get home super late (we already had a long day in LA). I decided to pay homage to the Mormon Battalion monument.

One thing that I am not too fond of at times when visiting historical LDS sites is the member referral that follows a Church video presentation. I have tried sharing the gospel with my non-LDS friends several times and having spent the last decade at BYU, I have very few of these friends left. I hate to tell them no, but I honestly don’t have anybody to refer to them at this time.

Back to the whole Mormon battalion thingamabob. OK, so Word 2007 didn’t put that red squiggly line under “thingamabob.” I didn’t know that was a real word. I thought Ariel made it up. The sister missionary asked me if I had any idea about the Mormon battalion and to be polite, I told her know. Had I said yes, she wouldn’t have had anything to tell me about the place. So, I willingly sat through a 20-minute video. I thought about kissing Diane and turning it into a Seinfeld episode (The Raincoats 2) when Jerry and Rachel were caught making out during Schindler’s List.

Before going home, we stopped by the San Diego temple on the way home and took some pics. One of Diane’s sisters joked about how we were “temple shopping” during our vacation in California.

In case you were wondering what I meant by “color” in the title, I got fried while in San Diego because we had the top down on mom’s Z3. I had a nice, distinct line on my arms and neck (which still hasn’t gone away after two weeks at the lake).

August 25th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

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