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Facebook: Techno Error

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It goes to show that technology can do some quirky things…

California, Coronado, Color

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After a fun-filled day in Los Angeles, it was time to head south to another SoCal jewel: San Diego. It started with a drive on PCH towards La Jolla. The weather was cooperative (it was a little cool as we left the house, but the forecast reported sunny skies after noon. La Jolla Cove was […]

Vacation in the South Land

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Boy, if anybody can believe it, I’ve barely spent any time on the computer during these past three weeks. The first week of August, I spent time in California with Diane. She flew down at the beginning of the week and I showed her around the area. We spent some time in L.A., San Diego, […]

Rocky Mountains to SoCal Sun

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Chris’s wedding was exciting and it was great to meet up with John-Evan, Adam, and Carla. I hadn’t seen all of them in a long time (especially Carla—the last time was in April 2006 when she graduated). The ceremony was nice and afterwards we took some pictures outside the temple. The weather was kinda interesting. […]

Journey Home

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After completing my last internship, I was ready to get home to California. I was making a pit stop in Denver for my roommate’s wedding, but I planned on being home by the weekend. When I was sitting at the airport, I heard the airline representative get on the loudspeaker and announce that she was […]