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A Day in the Life of New Yorkers

About 10 minutes ago, I received a call from a loved one saying that a bomb had gone off near Grand Central. His building had been evacuated and he was interested in seeing what the situation was. I quickly scoured all major news sites, but didn’t find anything posted. I then went to the TV (tell you what kind of day we live in). Fortunately, the situation is a lot less perilous that originally anticipated. It turns out that there was a transformer explosion underground that caused all the smoke and distress. One worker has been injured with the possibility for more injuries to be disclosed as more information is released.

I’m glad to hear that this potentially devastating situation turned out to be less dangerous than previously thought. I’m off to the gym now. I’ll give you an update if there’s anything else to report.

July 18th, 2007 at 4:27 pm

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