Adventures in the Lone Star State

The First Week

Obviously, blogging has slowed down since I came back to the US. Life is a little bit less exciting; however, it’s much “busier” (read: time commitments have increased, but not actual work). My vacation seems so long ago. I feel like I’m aging at warp speed. My poor body is still dead tired.

Since I am now working for a company, I will try and make sure that my entries about politically correct (with regards to what I say about them). There’s all this talk about people getting fired over there blogs and I wouldn’t like to be me.

Frankly, orientation wasn’t too bad. The first day was less interesting (see, I’m doing good w/ the PC lingo), but I partially blame that on the fact that I flew a red eye and was at work within two hours of arriving at my dorm. There’s something about sitting all day that is just tiring. The last day of orientation was much more fun and enjoyable. Plus, it was in NY. It’s always fun to go to the city. The downside is that I get home late.

Since I was in NY, I went to dinner with my brother. We found this trendy restaurant that served good food at a trendy price. Needless to say, I can’t afford this type of dining. It was a fun occasion even though I was a zombie by the end of the night.

My first day on the job was filled with lots of meetings. I was struggling to stay awake. Again, it wasn’t due to the topic (b/c I found it exciting–Oracle and web technologies–yes, I’m a geek), but again, to the long periods of sitting down with little movement/interaction. I was ecstatic when 4:30 rolled around. My first weekend to relax! Or so I thought…

I pretty much stayed in my bed all afternoon. I had an extended phone conversation with Diane that was quite enjoyable. By 11:00 pm, I was out. My roommate, Eun, couldn’t believe that I was going to bed so early. Frankly, I was looking forward to sleeping.

I spent the weekend in NY (I’ll write about that in another entry).

So, the last couple of days haven’t been bad. I’ve received my assignment and I’m excited to start it. However, like most internships, things are a little slow at the beginning. Just reading documentation for now and trying to familiarize myself with the systems they’re using. Time for a nap.

June 6th, 2007 at 5:06 pm

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