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Pilgrimage to Boston

Friday Night Drive

Another weekend, another trip. Last weekend’s travels through Jersey were fun, but I was in the mood to leave the state. I headed north to visit Carolina in Boston. On the way, I decided to pick up a friend in NYC. Having a traveling buddy always make a road trip more exciting (not to mention the cost savings of having one); however, there’s a price to be paid when you go to NY. Getting into the city can be a major pain. Traffic is always backed up as you try and cross one of the bridges/tunnels. My preferred route is via the GW Bridge b/c you avoid Midtown traffic. However, due to the Yankees game that night, there was a 2-hour delay on the GW Bridge (you take this bridge to cross from Jersey to Manhattan to the Bronx). So much for that idea. I ended up parking it on the onramp to the Lincoln Tunnel for 60 minutes (yes, it took one hour to go two miles).

I didn’t mind too much because I was on the phone. Besides, getting mad would have been the dumbest thing to do.

Super Saturday

I needed to take advantage of my one full day in Boston, so the morning began at a decent hour. Carolina, Melissa, and I made a quick pit stop at Costco to buy me some glasses and to have a little fun as well. SuperCuts was just around the corner, so I thought I’d have the lady just trim my hair a bit (to clean it up). She ends up chopping it all off. So much for trying to grow my hair out. :-(

Armed with two newly purchased beach towels and some snacks, we were off to Plymouth, MA. Our original plan was to go to the Cape or to Maine, but we decided on something a little closer. It was funny because when Carolina first mentioned Plymouth, the pilgrims didn’t come to mind. It was only when I started driving that I realized I was going to pay homage to the piligrims. I’m not going to lie; I was kinda excited to see where the pilgrims had landed. For those of you who haven’t been to Plymouth, it’s a quaint little town about one hour outside of Boston; a great place to spend a couple of hours. Down by the harbor, there are a number of historical sites and the tourist information center is more than willing to tell you where to go.

The Massasoit Indian statue was one of my favorite sites of the day. At BYU, we lovingly refer to him as the Naked Indian statue. Yes, it’s true. We have the same Indian as the one found in Plymouth! (If you want some proof, read about it on The Board.) The Mayflower II was a little less exciting. It was funny when Mel was disappointed that it wasn’t the original Mayflower that the pilgrims had sailed the ocean blue in. Then there was Plymouth Rock is initially confused all of us. We looked on the map and then we looked up and there was this Neo-Greek/Roman monument. This couldn’t be it. After all, I never heard stories of the Romans sailing to Massachusetts, putting up some monument and then sailing back in their triremes. Turns out that the actually rock is inside this monument. The rock was a little less than impressive (it’s shrunk by a factor of 3 over the years). However, we did take a fun shot where we pretty to be standing on the rock. (I didn’t do so well in getting my foot out there since I had to take the picture.)

Then there was the Spooner House. What a last name. Were they originally known for spooning all the time? To celebrate the moment, we decided to take a picture with the three of us spooning. We almost spooned on the sidewalk, but we thought that was going a little too far. Instead, we opted for the vertical spoon. (Who knew you could spoon in so many directions?) It was pretty funny when I asked a lady to take a picture of us spooning. She had a good laugh. With the spooning sensation over, it was time to eat. We found this little shack that served some mouth-watering clam chowder as well as delicious steak and cheese sandwiches. With our stomachs full, it was time to hit the beach and soak in the rays.

My first attempt at the beach was less than desirable. While Plymouth Beach is only a few minutes from all the historical sites, they charge $15 for parking. Pay money for parking? You gotta be kidding, right? I grew up in California where the beach was free (and if I did pay for parking, it was never more than a couple of dollars). Needless to say, I wasn’t about to shell out the money. Rather, we drove a few more miles and went to a free beach (where the locals go). White Horse Beach served our needs well. Carolina and I napped for a couple of hours and then the three of us hit the water for a bit. It was a tad colder than Jersey, so I didn’t stay in the water very long.

It was amazing how fast the afternoon went. With a few evening hours left, we hit the mall. For whatever reason, I totally forgot that malls had Father’s Day sale. I didn’t mind. In fact, I ended up getting lots of stuff from American Eagle, Hollister, J Crew, and Banana Republic. Since it is my birthday this week and since I had a gift card, it really wasn’t too expensive!

After a quick stop at home to shower, we were dressed to kill and ready to enjoy the nightlife of Boston. We headed over to the North End in search of Boston’s finest gelato. I think we may have found it. To tell you the truth, gelato is tasty, but people make it to be the best thing on earth. I tend to disagree. It’s good, but I think I like B&J’s or Dreyer’s better.

Random Thoughts

Just after picking up Ladd, we were on the West Side Highway and this guy starts honking at us. He gives me a thumbs up and I look back totally confused. No sooner does he pass me that I realize that he and I are both cruising in Pontiac G6’s. I felt like I was in some sort of car club (like the Mini club).

While eating in Plymouth, a parade of 1960’s Corvette convertibles pulled into town. That was pretty sweet.

On the drive home to NYC/NJ, we saw this Mazda SUV nearly crash. I think it was going to hit somebody in the fast lane, so it swerved into the middle lane. It swerved four time before regaining control of the vehicle. I was a little concerned because I thought it would hit a car in the fast lane causing car behind it to rear end vehicles in the fast lane; this meant that I might be part of the accident since I was only 3 cars back. Fortunately, all was well.

Lastly, Dana (Suman) & Casey Willard were in Boston this same weekend–and they were in Plymouth at the same time as us! Yet, we managed to not see each other (may have missed each other by 30 min or so. And…had we gone all the way to Cape Cod, we would have run into them twice! So, totally random meeting that never happened. So sad. It would have been fun to randomly run into Dana and her husband.

June 17th, 2007 at 8:27 pm

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  1. Marissa Says:

    Did you spoon with your sister and then take a picture of it and put it on your blog? Just checking.. because that’s not weird at all…

  2. Mark Says:

    Yeah….spoonin’ with the sis…

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