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Jersey Shore

I’m skipping over the weekend in NY. Been there, done that. Let’s just say that the LDS harbor cruise left something to be desired…A few girls hit on me, which was entertaining. It was fun, but I was tired after walking around all day. I did find a couple of nice shirts at BR, so it was a good day.

Let’s talk about New Brunswick. Oh, wait. There’s nothing to report. I live in the University Center dorms and I haven’t stepped foot onto another piece of Rutgers. I don’t really have time during the week and on the weekend I try and leave the city. There’s really nothing to do in NB. Seriously, all the locals tell me that too. That’s why they go home.

Well, last Saturday, I went to the Jersey shore (which I call the beach). I was so excited to see the ocean; it was great to actually relax at the beach. I went to Pier Village, which is in Long Branch, NJ. There weren’t many waves, but it was great to have sand between my toes. I love that feeling. I tried getting as much sun as possible, but the sun was not fully cooperating. It would hide behind the clouds and say hello on occasion. Jenny and Yuan (two new friends here at ML) had fun playing in the sand. My roommate, Eun, fell asleep for most of the afternoon.

Since we were at the beach, Eun and the girls felt like having lobster. I thought that was more of a Bostonian thing. Frankly, I could’ve gone for some greasy pizza. Then it would have been like old times at San Clemente. Ahhh, I love that place. So many memories from high school. At first, they were talking about going to Red Lobster near New Brunswick. I objected. We were at the beach and we had a rental car. Why would drive back to boring ole NB? I interjected and said that I wanted to eat somewhere near the beach. After all, there were plenty of restaurants at Pier Village. So, we chose this picturesque restaurant overlooking the ocean. I ordered some lobster served on top of linguine. It was pretty good; I’ve had better lobster. It was a little strange to not see the sunset. Sometimes I forget that it rises over the ocean back east.

Just to highlight a couple other notable events, we did a Costco run before the beach (which was fabulous) and stopped by Wal-Mart afterwards. I am now fully stocked and ready to make my own food at home. It’s a good thing too since eating out 3x/day is expensive!

June 14th, 2007 at 8:50 pm

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