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I’m staying at the YMCA tonight. I was really jealous of the Indian couple that was catching a connecting flight to LA. I wish I could be on that flight rather than spending an evening in HK. It’s not really that fun to see sights by oneself. Anyway, I made it here w/o any problems. I chilled a bit in the airport because I wasn’t in a rush to get to my hotel. I tried the airport Lost & Found again to see if they had found my glasses. Honestly, I’m surprised somebody stole my prescription lenses. I can see it now, some short, little Chinese man strolling the streets of Hong Kong in them. Or better yet, selling them on the black market as some knock off designer glasses. Fortunately, they’re both ugly and cheap, so he shouldn’t get much for them.

The YMCA is conveniently located on Kowloon (across from Hong Kong Island). It has a beautiful view of Victoria Harbour and it situated next to the ultra-luxurious Peninsula Hotel. I’m staying in a four-person dormitory (males only) and there’s only one person here besides me. He’s snoring at the moment—probably doesn’t (nor ever will) know that he made my blog. He’s a quiet Singaporean kid that’s here for one week. The Salisbury, as this YMCA is called, offers a gym, pool, and Internet access—all for a price… I really hate it when I have to pay for daily usage to such normal amenities. But hey, it’s only costing me US$40/night and I’m in a convenient location.

If I were to stay at the Peninsula, I’d be dropping close to US$1,000/night for a superior suite. If I really wanted to splurge, I’d have a new Rolls-Royce Phantom take me around the city. All for a petty HK$1,000/hour (yes, hour—it’s really not that bad when you compare it to some other exotic cars). Another fragment…oh well. Seriously, this hotel has a fleet of 14 RR’s that any hotel guest can use (for a small fortune, of course). I believe it’s the largest fleet in the world. (After all, very few people buy this many RRs.) The Peninsula suite would be nice. Maybe the Garden suite—it has its own private elevator.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that YMCA is a great place to stay. The security is great—my closet has a lock and I have a safe inside the closet. I don’t have to worry about losing any valuables (although, I’ve never felt like these bunkmates would steal from me—just taking precautions). OK, enough for now. I’m no longer making any sense in my head.

May 28th, 2007 at 9:51 am

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  1. Marissa Says:

    I’m glad you got back to the states safely and well! Have fun in New York and good luck with the internship! I’m sure you’ll do well, but I hope you enjoy it and I hope you get to do something that you like..

  2. Marissa Says:

    What? You get back from Asia and you stop posting? That’s no fun..

  3. Diane Says:

    I agree, especielly since it was my homepage…wait that makes me sound like a nerd/creep. um…(nervous laughter)

  4. Fernando Says:

    I’m getting to it…after you read the next few posts, you’ll understand why.

  5. Marissa Says:

    Diane – that’s nothing to be ashamed of… your facebook page is my homepage… what? KIDDING!

  6. Fernando Says:

    I don’t mind that my blog is making your home page. Quite flattering, I must say. :-)

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