Adventures in the Lone Star State


Today was reminiscent of Japan. We walked all day long. After hitting the semi-early bus (at 9:00 am), we descended from our mountain retreat and decided that Fatty Fernando needed to burn some calories. The first leg of our journey took us to a festival celebrating the gods. We saw a traditional lion dance, which was pretty cool. After spending a few minutes there, we headed over to Victoria Park and Causeway Bay. While VP may be considered a park, there is no grass, just concrete. Here, people gather together to play basketball and soccer. Nearby was Causeway Bay where Times Square is located (which has been duplicated in many other Asian countries—the most famous one and original—is in NYC). There, I snapped a photo of Mackenzie next to a small replica of the Eifel Tower (she served her mission in Paris).

I’m probably getting everything confused because all these Cantonese names (not mentioned b/c I have no idea how to spell them) mean nothing to me. Yale talked about a new 13-story building that the Church building in a ritzy part of town, so we checked it out. It’s a beautiful building. I am envious of the area authorities that have two-story penthouses on the top floor (well, I’m not sure if they’re really two stories, but they’re pretty nice). There were a ton of missionaries hanging out at the building. I guess the Church sold off all of its buildings (other than the temple property) and moved all the chapels into one location. Talk about party central for missionaries. I was lucky to see other missionaries at most once per week.

Afterwards, we took a train across to Kowloon Island, which gives you gorgeous view of the Hong Kong skyline. It’s pretty impressive. Lo and behold that today is Buddha’s birthday, so we thought we’d say hello. The HK Convention Center was having a major party for him, so we jumped on the ferry and headed across the harbor once again. Sadly, it was standing room only and we didn’t even get into the actual room where the festivities were going on. Oh yeah, we were the only non-Chinese people there. I’d say the only white people, but technically speaking, I’m not white. I was happy to buy a mango soft serve (other choice was a tofu flavored soft cone). Check out the sweaty picture…That’s pretty much how we looked all day. Not too impressive.

Since the birthday party was a drag, we went back across to the harbor to check out some more shopping districts. There’s a street called Ladies Street. We told Mackenzie that it was time for our feet to have a break while she went and shopped. It turns out that Yale and I bought ties and Mackenzie picked up a belt for US$0.25. The picture in my “Adventures in HK” post was taken here.

Oh yeah, at some point we ran into an ice rink and a movie cinemas. We thought about going to see the new Pirates movie, but the only seats left were for the first row (on the side). Yeah, Asia has some fixation with reserved seating at the movies. LAME! The one good thing was that the temple was just a block or two away.

The Hong Kong Temple is beautiful (new fav word, if you haven’t noticed); much better than the Tokyo Temple. The grounds are well landscaped and I love the marble on the building. We’re thinking of doing a session in the morning before flying to Thailand. I’ve been looking forward to this, so hopefully we make it on time (Yale and I have a tendency to be late for Church-related events).

We had planned on being out all day, but we couldn’t wait around for the 8:00 pm light show. Mackenzie was becoming delusional (jet lag kicked in by late afternoon) and both Yale and I were exhausted. I wanted to eat something local and authentic, so Yale found us some hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint. Boy, did we get more than we bargained for!

I wanted to try something exotic, so I ordered the eel and shrimp rice bowl. Mackenzie was a little more conservative and got the braised pork while Yale stuck to the spicy chicken bowl. It turns out that Mackenzie’s pork was disgusting! It was all rubbery (read: fatty and nasty). Yale’s chicken didn’t look too bad until he noticed a chicken’s foot in the bowl! My eel ended up being the most delicious of the three. I can say this because I ate part of the chicken’s foot (Diane, is this on the same level as the cow’s tongue?) and I ate a piece of the braised pork. We took a video of me chomping on the chicken’s foot; Mackenzie tried not to puke a she heard the crushing noise of me biting through the bone.

Mackenzie’s asleep, so I’ll post pics in the morning. Here’s a YouTube video of me eating chicken’s feet.

May 24th, 2007 at 8:30 am

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  1. Marissa Says:

    1 – That was the sickest thing I have seen in a long time…
    2 – Yale’s commentary makes me laugh.. only because there are some things that should not have commentary… although it did make the video
    3 – the pork looks like the leftover stuff that you cut off the meat before you cook the real meat…

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