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Trek to Thailand

If this gets posted, it means that I didn’t die on my way to Thailand. My plane got sent back to the bay because of some problems with no ETA in sight. We don’t have any air conditioning and there are close to 300 people aboard this plane, so we may either die of heat stroke or die somewhere in SE Asia as we fly. I send my love to all my friends and family.

On a happier note, I was able to do a session in the Hong Kong temple this morning. By the time I arrived, I was dripping in sweat. I know that I talk about sweating all the time, but it’s the one thing that is constant here. If you exert any small amount of energy, you will be dripping within minutes. My shirt was soaked through. Having had another late night (trying to keep it up for the entire week), I was exhausted, so I listened to most of the video presentation rather than watching it. It’s nice that I can travel to almost any part of the world and still attend the same Church: same meetings, same feeling. There’s always this instant connection with the people.

Once the session was over, we grabbed some grub (nobody really had a decent breakfast) in a nearby mall. After last night’s adventurous meal, we were in the mood for something a little bit more mainstream. I headed over to Yoshinoya (Japan’s “Teriyaki Stix”) while Mackenzie and Yale ate at McDonald’s. It seems like those two will get along great—both don’t normally eat breakfast and they both are interested in the same types of restaurants. In fact, out of the last three meals we’ve had, they’ve ordered the same thing twice (both had linguine for lunch yesterday and chicken nuggets/fries today for lunch).

[UPDATE: we now have air, so there’s only one more possibility of dying—maybe more once we land in Thailand]

Having lost my eyeglasses at the airport on Wednesday, we decided to see if they had made their way to Lost & Found. What’s funny is that while trying to find L&F, we nearly became lost. I asked this Chinese janitor where L&F was and she pointed to the exit sign. I told her “No, I know it’s on this floor,” and she responded that it was “outside.” Fortunately, there was a map nearby, so it didn’t take long to find it.

Once I arrived at L&F, I asked the gentleman if any eyeglasses had been turned in during the last 48 hours. He furiously typed away at his computer and gave me a resounding “No.” It was hilarious because the three of us just sat there and stared back at the man, not knowing what to say/do next. Then I grumbled “Who on earth steals a pair of old prescription eyeglasses?!” One thing to note about my journey to find L&F…It was located on the office floor. However, I walked past a long hallway that had an 8′ wall on one side. Lots of noise was coming from the other side. I was very tempted to pop my head over the wall. We joked about how this was where the fluff of Cathay disappeared and turned into a sweat shop. It sounded like they were going through luggage, though. Maybe Rosy can shed some light on the subject.

This little side trip to L&F nearly made me late for the airplane. We were waiting in the customs lines when Yale disappeared. Apparently, they opened up another booth and Yale jumped to the front of the line. Mackenzie and I were totally caught off guard, and by the time we knew what was going on, there were 20 people in front of us. So, we waved goodbye to Yale as he walked through security. It was 5 minutes till 2:00 pm (boarding began at 2:00) and we still had to make our way through customs and security. While waiting in line, Customs opened up another line. Again, Mackenzie and I were unaware until it was too late. It didn’t matter too much since I was near the front of the line by that time. After going through security, we ran towards the airport tram. We were gate 67 of 80.

After stepping off the tram, we tried to hurry past people, but the gods were against us. Both escalators were blocked with businessmen oblivious to our plight. I wanted to curse at them, but I held my tongue. We got to the top of the stairs and we looked at the sign for our gate, “Gates 60-80.” Yes, only a little ways to go. Well, Gate 67 was still about a quarter mile away. Mackenzie made a breakaway as if she was ready to make the winning goal in her final lacrosse game. I could hardly refrain from laughing as I jogged behind her. I also was wearing my Rainbows and had coins jingling around, so I tried to not look completely ridiculous. People must have thought we were crazy Americans.

I guess that’s it. It looks like this plane will be delayed at least another hour (already been on here one hour). Oh, so while walking to the Lost & Found, we came across this digital scale. I came in at a meager 75.5 kg (166.1 lbs.) and Yale weighed in at a hefty 77.5 kg (170.5 lbs.). Maybe the name Fatty Fernando doesn’t apply to me after all. For the record, Mackenzie declined the opportunity to weigh herself.

May 25th, 2007 at 7:36 am

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    I’m glad you’re not dead.. Welcome to Thailand!

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