Adventures in the Lone Star State

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This trip has been full of wonderful experiences—too many to list off. In Japan, there were the geishas (ok, just girls dressed in kimonos); Singapore had the man w/ bling (diamond earrings and a nice watch); Hong Kong had the funny taxi driver (as did Singapore). If only more of you could be here to […]

Adventures in HK

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Hong Kong is crazy. Everywhere you go; there are people…and buildings. This city is addicted to tall buildings; there are countless old, public housing units that are 20-30 stories high. I knew that HK was in desperate need of land, but they weren’t kidding. Most of the area is mountainous (which I had no idea—I […]

48 Hours in Singapore

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The last few days have flown by and I’ve been slacking; I was able to quickly write a short blog on my health while in Changi Airport, but that’s it. I got kicked off the computer in the middle of my blog. Fortunately, I was able to get back on and finish before jumping on […]

Fatty Fernando

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Monday night, I happened to catch The Biggest Loser on TV. It reminded me of my precarious situation. Eating out 2-3 times a day, exercising very little, and getting little sleep (at least this week–but it was worth the couple of late nights). I was on the verge of joining the 300+ lb. club! I’ve […]

Shopping in Singapore

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If there is one thing that I read about Singaporeans, they love shopping and eating—which works out great for me because I love to engage in both of these activities. The first thing we did after leaving Church was eat. As I previously mentioned, we left Malaysia with no money and Yale only got enough […]

American Influence in Asia

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Even though I’ve only visited three countries (four, if you count the few hours I’ve spent in HK airport) since arriving to Asia, the influence of American fast food chains is alarming. Ronald has overrun Japan while the Colonel is conquering Malaysia. The King is starting to make his presence know, particularly in Singapore. 7-11 […]

Singapore, Singapore

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If you want to visit Singapore and have a good first impression, DO NOT travel to Singapore via a Malaysian train. The travel from Malaysia to Singapore was great. I felt like I was transported back to the early 20th century and I was a British agent keeping tabs on society. The first-class train wasn’t […]

Final Thoughts About KL

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Having spent two days in KL, I realize there is much more to see in Malaysia, if I only had the time. I’d like to return to this country and spend about 10 days here. I’d spend a day or two in KL shopping and then head out to the east coast where they have […]

24 Hours of Fun

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Having only spent about US$30 between the two of us, Yale and I decided to have a little more fun during our second day in KL. Like the last few days, we had a late morning and left the hotel about 11:00 am. The first stop on our day of fun was Times Square, located […]

KL Night Life

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Having spent the last 3 days in Kyoto where there isn’t much of a night scene, Yale and I decided that we wanted to spend the evening out and about the town. Our travel guidebook suggested that we hit Hard Rock Café (otherwise, I would’ve gone elsewhere) to hear music from some local/regional bands. To […]