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Delirious Drivel

I’ve reach the point where writing blog entries has become a bore. It all started when I stopped reading the travel books (beginning with Hong Kong since Yale was the tour guide). The last few days, I really never knew what we were looking at and I didn’t get to know the city as well as I did in previous countries. For these reasons, I feel that my last few entries have been more scattered-brained and “random” than past entries. I’ve also been lazy about uploading pictures. I’ll try and get to that tomorrow morning.

So, after the rainstorm, there was a beautiful double rainbow outside the restaurant. My camera didn’t pick it up that well.

Here’s a list of random memories that I don’t really want to write about:

  • Body odor in KL, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok (apparently, deodorant hasn’t fully penetrated Asia—the same applies with the fork; “they’ve seen the fork…”)
  • Vapor rub taxi in Bangkok
  • Natural Healing lady on the river boat in Bangkok
  • Chinese macdaddy sporting some *bling* in Singapore
  • Italian lady on shuttle bus at military jungle camp
  • Pantless Dutchman in the middle of the night (also my neighbor at said military camp)
  • Kyoto tourist booth girls
  • Drunk *lesbians* at said jungle camp (or very affectionate ones late at night—possibly just the booze influencing them)
  • Pachinko idol worshipping in Kyoto

I’ll probably add to the list as I remember more things.

I totally forgot what I was about to post…let’s see if I can remember. Thinking…thinking…got it! There’s this light show that goes on every night at 8:00 pm. It takes place over Victoria Harbour. Here’s a pic that stole from the YMCA web site. It’s better than what my camera could capture. The music that they created isn’t very good, though. I think the light show could use some better music.

May 28th, 2007 at 9:24 am

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  1. Jacob Lybbert Says:

    Travel fatigue. You’ve got it. Matt and I learned to plan a couple of days in the middle where we do absolutely nothing otherwise we get burned out. 3 weeks is a long time to tour as hard as you have done.

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