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Bangkok: A Sleepless Night

After my two hour flight turned into a 5 ½ hour flight, I wasn’t too excited about exploring Bangkok. I quickly came to learn that traveling days are long and rest is sorely needed by the end of the day. As I came into Bangkok, there wasn’t anything too impressive. It has a small downtown and other than that, it looked like a typical SE Asian city, only smaller. I know this doesn’t make sense because Bangkok has 9 million people (compared to Singapore’s 4.5M and Kuala Lumpur’s 1.5M). It’s probably because both the other cities have taller (and larger) skylines.

Having made a quick stop at 7-11 for some bottled water, I was ready to hit the sack at 10:00 pm. Unfortunately, I never received an important email that I was expecting, so I had to make an international phone call at 1:30 am (Bangkok time). I set the alarm clock and went to bed. I was out. Next thing I know, I heard the alarm and got up. I was a bit surprised to not see Yale in the room. (He had been downstairs, presumably reading the news on his laptop, when I went to bed.) While semi-disoriented, I walked downstairs where I saw Yale chilling in the hotel lobby. I greeted him and popped open my laptop. To my dismay, it was only 12:30 am! I hadn’t moved Yale’s alarm clock back one hour. Realizing that I made a mistake, I decided to go back to bed. I told Yale to come along because I knew I wasn’t going to hear him knock. (He already got locked out once when I went to bed early in KL.)

Having spoken with Gloria for a few minutes before she got to work, I decided that I would try again around 12:00 pm PDT (2:00 am Bangkok time). I fixed the time on the clock and I set the alarm for the new wake-up hour. This time, I totally spaced the alarm. I was utterly exhausted. Fortunately, I randomly woke up at 2:48 am. Thinking that I only had 12 minutes to make this phone call before having to make a phone call to New York, I quickly put on a shirt and hustled downstairs. By now, the lobby receptionist must have thought I was crazy. This was the second time in the middle of the night that I came down with my laptop and headset. Besides, who wakes up at 3:00 am to make a phone call? Only a crazy nut like myself.

I tried calling Gloria again because I wanted some advice, but I knew I’d only reach her voicemail (poor cell phone reception in her office building). I called mom to see if she had Gloria’s work number, but she did not. I then started looking up my return flight information so mom could pick me on Tuesday. I was definitely moving slowly; it took me a while to get the flight number. I then called Diane to clear up some logistical things.

I apologize to all whom I spoke with and/or left messages. I was very frustrated/annoyed because I could not get the information that I needed. Things were not going according to plan and I wasn’t thrilled about being up at 3:00 am.

I hope I didn’t offend anybody that I communicated with (via phone, IM, email, etc.), last night. It was about 3:20 am when I made a call to my work travel agency. To my dismay, my name wasn’t on the approved list for this summer, so I couldn’t book the flight that I needed to. I quickly shot off an email to my work contact (I could have called, but she prefers email—she responds faster to this as she doesn’t always pick up the phone). Realizing that it was now 4:30 pm EDT on the Friday before Memorial Weekend, I had no hope of receiving an email. I explained my situation to the travel agent and she assured me that it would be OK if I booked a same-day flight on Tuesday. So, hopefully, my name gets on the list by Tuesday morning. Everything is closed on Monday (which didn’t occur to me until I spoke to mom at 2:50 am) and I will be flying from Hong Kong to LAX, so I have no way do anything until I arrive back in the States.

By the time climbed back into bed, it was pushing 4:00 am. I knew that Mackenzie would be awaking in the next two hours and that by 7:00 am all hopes of sleeping would be gone. Next thing I knew, it was 7:00 am…

May 26th, 2007 at 5:13 am

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  1. Jacob Lybbert Says:

    Good thing I’m not on this trip with you. Had I missed that much sleep, I would be murdering people by now.

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