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Bangkok: A New Perspective

I’m sorry that the past few posts have had an anti-Thailand point of view. I wasn’t in the best mood when I first got to see Bangkok. Had I experienced the same events under different conditions, my outlook would most likely have been different. Anyway, Sunday was wonderful. Having started my recovery period, I woke up refreshed and ready to go. The English ward began at 9:00 am, so we decided to leave at 8:00 am (since we had been late to Church the last two weeks). Fortunately, Yale was able to successfully navigate the way. It was nice to be in an ex-pat ward. It felt very much like a ward in the US (even though its members came from all over the world). Today’s program included several youth speakers, some of which were quite hilarious. One boy in particular had us laughing most of the time. Also, a funny thing happened today. I ran into a girl I knew from BYU. She and I were in the same ward 4 years ago. Seriously, only in the Church do such random meetings occur. I wish I had known she was here because she could’ve shown us around. She spent a few years in Thailand and speaks enough Thai to get around.

After Church, we decided to head back to the hotel and relax for a few hours. We learned (the hard way) that being outside for an entire day (with oppressive heat) is a bad idea. I caught up on my blog and then napped for two hours. It was wonderful. Today, we only planned a few activities: a river cruise, a visit to Wat Arun (some temple), and dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Supposedly, the temple is beautiful to see at sunset, so we took the river boat up to the temple. That was quite the experience. I don’t think the man driving the boat stops for more than 20 seconds at each stop. We actually missed our stop because we thought the man was parking the boat. (Do you “park” a boat? I don’t know.) So, we got off at the next stop and walked back. On the way back, we strolled through a street market in all its glory: illegal CDs/movies, cheap trinkets, nauseating smells, etc. Sadly, we arrived at the temple and it began to pour. A T-storm rolled in, so we didn’t have the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We quickly toured the temple when the rain let up for a few minutes. Nevertheless, we were soaked to the bone.

Having visited the temple, we took the river boat up the river even farther and began to search for our evening establishment. The Tuk Tuk drivers kept trying to get us to ride in their motorized tricycles. I declined. Fortunately, the restaurant wasn’t too far from the ferry landing, so we quickly found it. As the Fodor’s book stated, it was delicious and cheap! I ordered some chicken curry, roti (smaller than naan, but the same thing), samosas, and guava juice. The juice was OK (as were the samosas), but the rest was excellent! Best of all, it only cost me US$3. I love Thailand and its food; great food at a great price.

So, Thailand isn’t as bad as I thought and Bangkok is bigger than I expected. Today was a good day.

May 27th, 2007 at 7:30 am

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  1. Diane Says:

    Yes, you can and do park a boat. When you come visit me we will go parking. yum, naan and samosas, that reminds me, when i get back to p-town i need to try some recipes…(yes it is very late and i am not thinking well)

  2. Fernando Says:

    I heard you guys had a cleaning fest into the wee hours of the morning. I chatted briefly with Melissa. It seemed like she disappeared, so I took off.

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