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I’m staying at the YMCA tonight. I was really jealous of the Indian couple that was catching a connecting flight to LA. I wish I could be on that flight rather than spending an evening in HK. It’s not really that fun to see sights by oneself. Anyway, I made it here w/o any problems. […]

Delirious Drivel

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I’ve reach the point where writing blog entries has become a bore. It all started when I stopped reading the travel books (beginning with Hong Kong since Yale was the tour guide). The last few days, I really never knew what we were looking at and I didn’t get to know the city as well […]

Vacation Coming to an End

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Well, this morning I left the company of Yale and Mackenzie. I can’t believe that three weeks have passed. The first week or so passed by very slowly. However, my time in KL and Singapore went by fairly quickly with Hong Kong being just a blur. By the time I reached Thailand, I was exhausted […]

Bangkok: A New Perspective

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I’m sorry that the past few posts have had an anti-Thailand point of view. I wasn’t in the best mood when I first got to see Bangkok. Had I experienced the same events under different conditions, my outlook would most likely have been different. Anyway, Sunday was wonderful. Having started my recovery period, I woke […]

The Three R’s: Relaxation, Rest, and Recovery

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Yesterday, I hit a wall. I could no longer sightsee. I had abused my body all week and it finally caught up with me. After eating a hearty lunch, I went back to the hotel and stayed there all afternoon. As I mentioned, the first thing I did was try and rid myself of the […]

Turbulent Times in Thailand

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I can’t even begin to explain what went on today. Even though I was quite tired this morning, I was pleased by the breakfast offered here at the hotel. The staff has been very helpful and courteous. However, I cannot say the same about the taxi drivers in Bangkok. At the present moment, I wish […]

Bangkok: A Sleepless Night

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After my two hour flight turned into a 5 ½ hour flight, I wasn’t too excited about exploring Bangkok. I quickly came to learn that traveling days are long and rest is sorely needed by the end of the day. As I came into Bangkok, there wasn’t anything too impressive. It has a small downtown […]

Trek to Thailand

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If this gets posted, it means that I didn’t die on my way to Thailand. My plane got sent back to the bay because of some problems with no ETA in sight. We don’t have any air conditioning and there are close to 300 people aboard this plane, so we may either die of heat […]


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Today was reminiscent of Japan. We walked all day long. After hitting the semi-early bus (at 9:00 am), we descended from our mountain retreat and decided that Fatty Fernando needed to burn some calories. The first leg of our journey took us to a festival celebrating the gods. We saw a traditional lion dance, which […]

Ode to Ian

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Saw this add in Singapore and immediately thought of Ian. Did a 10-minute photoshop on his face.