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Internet Pornography – Can It Be Stopped?

This is a heated topic and I know that many people may disagree with my beliefs; nevertheless, I think it is an important topic that must continue to be discussed. CP-80 is an organization that is fighting online pornography and is hoping to change the way that the Internet is structured. Like most media outlets, adult and pornographic content is filtered into specifics channels and viewing periods that are viewable through paid subscription services. The Internet is different—there are no regulations in place. Any time such a measure if brought forth in the United States, critics harp about free speech and regulation of the Internet. What CP-80 is trying to do is create a similar environment to the one that we find in television: channel pornographic contents onto specifics ports.

Think of it as Pay-Per-View for the Internet. Currently, most Internet traffic is run on port 80 (or port 443 if viewing encrypted/secured web sites). CP-80 wants to set up additional ports (there are 65,536 in case you’re wondering) for adult-only material. For example, take the range 10,000 – 10,999 and make these adult-only ports. Web sites like could still continue to maintain their web site on port 80, but all pornographic content would reside on a different port number. Therefore, when ordering Internet service from your cable/phone provider, you could request port 80 material. If you were so inclined to view pornographic material, then you could request additional ports (i.e., addition PPV channels).

I wish CP-80 the best of luck in their fight. It will be a long and difficult quest, but one worth traveling/fighting for. South Korea recently made headlines when it announced that its government is cracking down on foreign porn sites. For a more detailed story, please visit the Korea Times or the International Herald Tribune.

March 26th, 2007 at 9:10 am

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