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Guitars Unplugged = Love Songs with Delilah?

So, I attended BYU’s Guitars Unplugged (GU) this past Saturday. The show began with some relationship-inspired songs. However, it then continued with this type of songs. I started wondering if I attend the correct show. It began to sound more like “Love Songs with Delilah” or “Lovesongs On The Coast” by KOST 103.5 FM (in Southern California). Fortunately, this genre only last for part of the show.

GU did not provide me with a list of acts, so I can’t refer to any particular contestants. This year, I was impressed by the number of female acts in the show. There were female-only bands and mix (i.e. male/female) bands as well. Surprisingly, some of my favorite acts were the female-only bands. Not only did they have great voices, but they were kinda cute. Not the best looking people that I’ve seen, but a good voice definitely makes a girl more attractive. I must also say that I enjoyed some of my friends’ bands. They include Tyler Howells and his song, “Why Do Girls Choose Punks” and The Ease.

A comment must be made about the MCs at the event. Could they be any more “awkward”? Poor Josh felt so stiff throughout the event and Nicole (I think that’s her name) wasn’t very flattering. I did like her British accent—but was that her only qualification? Maybe one day, BYU MCs will actually be funny. Not today, though.

March 22nd, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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