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Vista Quirks

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I really don’t have much time to write, but I am always annoyed when I try and unzip large files. It takes forever using Windows Vista’s built-in zip utility. If you don’t believe me, check out this screenshot: This is a 60MB file and it’s extracting at 7 bytes/sec. Doing some quick math: 62,914,560 bytes […]

Internet Pornography – Can It Be Stopped?

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This is a heated topic and I know that many people may disagree with my beliefs; nevertheless, I think it is an important topic that must continue to be discussed. CP-80 is an organization that is fighting online pornography and is hoping to change the way that the Internet is structured. Like most media outlets, […]

Festival of Holi

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So, I’m not Hindu, but if life were like this past Saturday evening, I’d be converted. I attended the festival of Holi two years ago, but I arrived too early. I arrived around 4pm and stayed for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the color throwing festivities did not place until later in the evening and […]

Identity Theft

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Yesterday, I was walking home from campus, minding my own business, when I came across a person standing on the southwest corner of 800 North and 200 East. For those of you not familiar with BYU, this is a major intersection which a lot of students use to get to campus. The person had a […]

Guitars Unplugged = Love Songs with Delilah?

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So, I attended BYU’s Guitars Unplugged (GU) this past Saturday. The show began with some relationship-inspired songs. However, it then continued with this type of songs. I started wondering if I attend the correct show. It began to sound more like “Love Songs with Delilah” or “Lovesongs On The Coast” by KOST 103.5 FM (in […]

March Madness

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March Madness has come again and my friends are all asking me to join their pools. No joke, I’ve had at least one dozen requests during the past week or two. What have I done with most of these requests? Edwin Starr’s memorable song “War” comes to mind. In case you don’t know what I’m […]

Spike TV

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I’m at home in California watching TV while fixing my friend’s laptop. It’s been a relaxing day—I spent the morning playing some tennis and lounging by the pool. Anyway, Spike TV has got to be one of the greatest channels alive. It is the epitome of male testosterone. Looking at the TV Guide presents the […]