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Home Improvement – Part 1

So, it’s a late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning) and I can’t sleep. Maybe that’s what I get for going to the gym around 9:30 tonight. My mind’s running and I can’t turn it off. Today was an interesting day. I am currently in the middle of my first *major* home improvement project. OK, so it’s probably not major, but something exciting to me. I have wanted my parents to update their kitchen for some time now. There’s no need for them to do so, but I thought it would be a fun project to tackle. I convinced my mom to start with our kitchen table. After all, we’ve had this table for nearly 20 years (can you believe it?!) and it hasn’t been refinished. Obviously, kitchen tables are really not that expensive and my mom could buy a new one if she really wanted one. Anyway, I decided to make this my first experiment with refinishing.

So, my mom and I went down to Lowe’s today and had a friendly gentleman explain to us the refinishing process. It is quite simple—at least, it sounded simple when the gentleman explained it to us. It’s also quite inexpensive (we only spent about $30 in supplies). I forgot to take a picture of the table before I started working on it, but try to imagine a really old table that’s been scratched up.

Table partly sanded (left side)

If you haven’t noticed, there are no power tools involved in this project. What does that mean for me? Lots of labor! Trying to sand a table by hand is a pain. (The right side of the table still has paint stripper on it.)

Look at the abuse this table has taken.

This is how the top of the table looks (it’s definitely shows wear and tear). I really need to sand it well in order to make sure the final product turns out well.

My first attempt at staining anything!

So, I decided not to buy an $8 paint brush because you can stain a table with a simple clean cloth. Which method is easier? I have no clue. The gentleman at Lowe’s told me to use an old t-shirt or something. Below, you’ll see how the table looks after the first coat.

This lightly used area (table extensions) came out well!

The table top still needs another layer or two.

While the two parts of the table look differently, trust me, they’re the same color. It’s just poor photography skills (and lack of light) that causes one to look darker than the other. Anyway, the plan is to put another coat on both pieces; actually, the table top will receive a third coat, depending on how it looks after the second attempt. Hopefully, it’ll have a deeper stain to improve its appearance. Wish me luck!

Btw, I am quite dissatisfied with the new Blogger. I’ll wrote more on that later today (it’s nearly 1:30 in the morning!).

January 3rd, 2007 at 3:14 am

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