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My First Thoughts About Cruising

* Note: This was originally written while on the cruise, but due to slow (and expensive) Internet connectivity, I didn’t post it until now.

Well, I’m currently sitting here in my room (or cabin as they seem to refer to it on the ship). This is my first time on a cruise ship. It’s Sunday morning and we’ve been at sea for approximately one night. The cruise had a shaky beginning, but it seems to be getting better. You see, since New Orleans was destroyed recently, all cruise ships departing from there now depart from Galveston, Texas. If any of have ever traveled to Galveston, you know how small it is. Try loading three (yes, three) cruise ships at Galveston. We had to check in at the Hotel Galvez, which was a nice hotel, but way too small to handle a cruise ship of 3,000+ passengers. We had to wait approximately 1.5 hours before getting checked in. After that, we had to drive to port 25 to drop off our luggage, which took approximately 15 minutes (to go one mile) due to influx in people. So, when we finally got our luggage dropped off, we found out that my cousin’s son got locked in the Club Wagon. Since he has autism, it was a little difficult to get his attention to open the door. A police officer had to use a slim jim to get him out. So, after a few hours, we were finally on board! And then to the buffet!

Okay, I’m back now. You must be wondering, “Back from where?” Well, I left my cabin for the day. I had a good night’s rest last night, but I woke up feeling a little nauseous. I went to the gym but after about ten minutes I felt sick and had to leave. I went down to the buffet to get some food. After eating some food and playing a little tennis, I felt better. As the captain of the ship stated, many people still needed to get their “sea legs.” If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know what I mean. I don’t get motion sickness, but I did get a little sick this first morning on the cruise ship. Good luck to my buddy Jason, and his (future) wife, Elise, as they will be spending part of their honeymoon on a cruise.

Oh yeah, just to make the rest of you (in Utah) jealous… I was laying out on the Lido deck sun bathing. Yeah, that’s right. Getting a tan in December! The temperature was in the 70s and tomorrow it’ll be in the 80s. I’m so excited. Hopefully, I’ll come back tan. I’ll write more later, I’m off to my first formal dinner aboard the ship. Tomorrow we dock in Costa Maya, Mexico (approximately 80 miles south of Cancun).

January 4th, 2006 at 1:58 pm

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