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Ping Pong

Tonight, I had the fun opportunity to participate in a ping pong tourney sponsored by BYU. Who would have thought people at BYU took their ping pong so seriously? I mean, people were showing up in their athletic clothing, bringing paddles shielded in protective cases, etc. One guy was kind enough to inform me that the paddle I picked up at ShopKo was a “defensive” paddle because of the type of grip on it. He told me that if I really wanted a nice “offensive” paddle, I need to go for the thick, rubber paddles. They provide the better grip.

I am in no means bagging on these people. One reason for me signing up was just to see what walks of life I’d find there. If you didn’t think BYU had an international scene, you were wrong. They all showed up and were ready to play. In fact, I saw a bunch of my buddies there. One of them is the BYU Ping Pong Club President! I can’t say much to that since I’m an officer in the Foosball Club as well as another sports club on campus.

For those who care to know how I did, I made it past the first round, but was soundly defeated by a Russian lady. She was good; her ability to spin the ball is what got me.

November 16th, 2005 at 9:24 pm

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