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Dating Dos & Don’ts

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Here at BYU, it seems like they continually stress that people “date” and not “hang out.” After all, all our leaders want us to get married, right? Well, it’s interesting what to learn about people’s thoughts on dating. I’d like to share my thoughts (and pet peeves) about dating. Everything I write will (obviously) come […]

Ping Pong

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Tonight, I had the fun opportunity to participate in a ping pong tourney sponsored by BYU. Who would have thought people at BYU took their ping pong so seriously? I mean, people were showing up in their athletic clothing, bringing paddles shielded in protective cases, etc. One guy was kind enough to inform me that […]

Weekend Roadtrip

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This weekend, I was reminded of the fragility of life. Nobody in this story dies, but one friend was seriously injured. This past weekend, BYU played UNLV in Las Vegas and a bunch of my friends decided to go down for the game. It was obviously a great game because we won 55-14 and they […]

Job Interviews

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Alright, so today I had a job interview and I think it went okay. Some of the people interviewing me asked pretty tough questions. It started kinda rough, but it got better as the day went along. I had the most fun with the partner. He kept me on my toes. He asked totally off-the-wall […]