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Video iPod – Gotta Have It?

Whether you like Apple or not (I don’t see how you cannot like them), you have to give credit to Steve Jobs and his faithful following. They manage to make headline news every few weeks. If you haven’t heard, the latest revolutionary product to come out is the Video iPod. I first heard about this about 2 weeks ago. Having now read more extensively, I am convinced that this is the greatest portable player currently out on the market.

In fact, I almost bought one, but then I stopped myself. I really don’t have the money and since I made the decision not to buy a snowboard/season pass, how can I justify spending $370 on a new iPod? Alright, my logic isn’t very convincing since I’m encouraging people to buy the new video iPod, even though I haven’t bought one. Well, I best be getting back to class.

Well, if you want the opinion of somebody who has already used it, check out this review by the LA Times.

October 13th, 2005 at 9:21 am

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