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With BYU’s Homecoming game happening tomorrow night, I thought that I’d share some thoughts about this whole homecoming event. First, what ever happened to BYU’s homecoming queens? They still have their pictures on the walls of the Wilkinson Student Center from the 70s. Some of them were quite beautiful and I’m still searching for their daughters here at BYU. ( Anyway, this year I haven’t been much into the homecoming scene. I haven’t participated in the special Homecoming kick-off, the noonday activities, etc.

But, I will be in the parade. Yes, who ever imagined that I’d be part of some parade? Well, the Foosball Club is sponsoring a “float” and I will be on it. We even went as far as to get a foosball queen. After a “rigorous” interview, I’m happy to see that she’s still going through with it (we made her balance a book on her head and walk across the room). She’s even going to be wearing one of her old prom dresses. So, I must commend our beloved friend, Brooke, for her willing spirit.

So, I guess that even though I haven’t been as spirited this year (in regards to homecoming), I’m still doing my part. Are you doing yours?

October 14th, 2005 at 11:18 am

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    So what exactly am I supposed to say here? I have no idea. But, concerning the good old homecoming queens, I heard they got rid of that in the 80’s because it was demeaning or something like that to women. I heard that they even wanted to get rid of the portraits hangin the in the Wilkinson Student Center.

    I’ve never been to a homcoming football game. It looks like fun…maybe one day I’ll make it there. But to show my spirit, I changed the ring tone on the phone at work to the Cougar Fight Song. Does that count as spirit?

    Anyway, I’d should probably pay attention to class…

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