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OK, so it’s been a lot more than one week since the last weekly Sunday posting. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to get back into it, right? Today’s video comes via the Chron’s religion section, which pulled it from the LDS Youth website. It speaks of a high-school girl that had difficulty finding modest dresses (i.e., non-sleeveless, low back, etc.) for prom. I remember when I was in high school that my friends had the same challenge.

Some people may wonder what the big fuss is about. “Live and let live,” people might say. That’s true. People are free to dress as the please. It is my belief that the way we dress expresses messages about who we are and it directly influences the way people treat us (for better or worse). People tend to treat modestly dresses people with more respect. A barometer that one may use is to think of the Savior and ask oneself, “Would I feel comfortable dressing this way in the Lord’s presence?”

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Mormon Mustang

This week’s video also comes from LDS Youth. It’s entitled Mormon Mustang and makes analogies between old war planes and youth and how it’s important to stay “within the envelope.” It’s true, bounds have been set and we should stay within those bounds to 1) not hurt ourselves or our body, 2) hurt others, and 3) be able to participate in the good things which life has to offer. Enjoy.

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PETA Cites 13th Ammendment to Protect Animals

What does one do? You want to appreciate the breadth and beauty of animals in this world, but doing so obviously results in animals being confined to small cages, pens, etc. Do we get rid of zoos and never experience the beauty of many creatures we would otherwise not see?

Nevertheless, PETA’s lawsuit based upon the 13th ammendment is kinda funny because it extends enslavement from persons to animals. I do agree that I find it sad at times to see animals in such small confinements and wish that zoos could be enlarged to give animals, especially large mammals more space.

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Weekly Sunday Posting

I have grossly neglected this blog for some time now. I was discussing this with a friend and we both agreed that as one transitions from single life to married life, priorities change. I used to love blogging, but now I don’t really do it. I have tried to make a more concerted effort to write an online journal, which has been beneficial. Anyway, I intend to post one gospel-related message every Sunday. This week’s message come from Elder Bednar and is entitled Things as They Really Are. Check it out.

Source: LDS Youth

The message is very appropriate in today’s age. I have been out of the youth scene for some time now and I can imagine that these problems occur regularly. For example, last night before retiring for bed, I was on Facebook (for no good reason) and noticed a post by a teenager I know, “Just got out of the shower about to go to sleep :)” Really? Do we need to spend our time online telling people things like this?

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Oh, Foolish Government

It’s not something one wants to hear during tough times: a company has to close and therefore 1,100 people lose their jobs. This happened recently to Solyndra, a solar power company that the Obama administration highlighted as a model company of the future providing people with “green jobs.” Unfortunately, nobody cared to crunch some numbers to see if their business model even made any sense. Sadly, the fed — or rather, we taxpayers — are on the hook for nearly $500M in guaranteed loans doled about the the Treasury to a company backed by one of Obama’s biggest fundraisers. Conflict of interest? So much for the transparency that his government promised.

Source: Washington Post by Joe Stephens (01 Sep 2011)

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Jeff Miron on Capitalism

Courtesy of Mankiw:

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Larry Summers Interview

Still watching the full video, but courtesy of Mankiw, I found this post particularly interesting and this statement in particular:

Never forget, never forget, and I think it’s very important for Democrats especially to remember this, that if Hitler had not come along, Franklin Roosevelt would have left office in 1941 with an unemployment rate in excess of 15 percent and an economic recovery strategy that had basically failed.


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Ethanol – Another Example of Public Policy Gone Awry

Thanks to Mankiw for pointing out this NY Times article. Not sure why people still believe in corn-based ethanol. I presume some $$$ is attached to their pro-ethanol opinion.

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The Origin of ‘Mladineo’

A few days ago, somebody commented on an old post about my surname, Mladineo. They told a wonderful story about how the Mladineos bravely fought off the Turks in defense of the Venitian Replubic and how the Mladineos were given the title of Duke/Duchess. Apparently, they originate from the isles of Vis and Brac.

Anyway, I was doing some searching online and stumbled upon a Wikipedia article that briefly talks about the history of Marco Polo and Croatia. It states that since the Croatians routinely worked on Italian ships, they altered their last names when in Italy and kept their Croatian name while at home. So Mladinich became Mladineo.

Henry S. Hart in his book, Venetian Adventurer: Marco Polo, states, “These merchants were Maffeo and Nicolo Polo, sons of one Marco Polo, a descendant of an old Dalmatian Family which had come from Sibenik, Dalmatia, and settled in Venice in the 11th Century.” Hart goes on to say, “The crews of the Venetian ships were freemen, so many of them Slavonians (Croatians) from the Dalmatian Coast that the long dock by St. Mark’s Square was and is known as the Riva degli Schiavoni (Slavonian-Croatian).” Marko Polo was the greatest explorer of all time. More significant than Columbus, he opened to Europe all of Asia, including China, which in turn prompted the discovery of America. Marco Polo had a home on the Island of Korcula in Dalmatia, then a shipbuilding and merchant center of Dalmatia. The merchant and the noble class in Dalmatia did use two names, one Latin-Italian as citizens of Venice and their own Croatian name in their own circles. Bogdanich became Bogdaneo, Mladinich-Mladineo, Arnerich-Arneri and Glavinich-Capogrosso. Some simply used the Latin-Italian meaning of their name, such as Cvietkovich-Florio, Lupis-Vukasinovich or Polo-Pilich. (emphasis added)

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I am having a package shipped to me. reports that its delivery date is March 9th. I just checked the status of it and it appears to have arrived in Houston early yesterday morning. Did you catch the note: Package not due for delivery. Seriously?! FedEx has my package sitting in their warehouse but they are not delivering it because it’s not “due for delivery”?

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